AuroraHut® – year around window for arctic nature experience.

AuroraHut® welcomes You to arms on enchanting nature. Accommodation closer to the authentic outdoor experience than ever before, to the places without any trace of human influence at fragile arctic nature. You can explore Northern lights or midnight sun on pure nature, outside of manmade light pollution and fuss.

AuroraHut® saves time and energy of your transportation, because we can accommodate you on middle of experience.

Winter and Northern lights

AuroraHut is welcoming you cosy and warm ``Kammi`` to enjoy wild arctic nature, northern lights and clear starry sky.
Outside you can enjoy snow by skiing, snowshoeing, husky ride or reindeer sledge. You can master ice fishing and if you dare, maybe take a dip in frozen lake, thru the hole in the ice…

Spring prime of Ice fishing

AuroraHut® provides you ultimate accommodation right on the fishing spot. In case of over powering artic weather,
you can continue fishing in warmth of AuroraHut® thru the floor of your accommodation.

Summer and midnight sun

Summer AuroraHut® will be located where you would like to be. With AuroraHut® you can enjoy midnight sun on one of the thousands lakes.
You can take a swim from your own floating front terrance, enjoy water sports around the lake or try hiking or biking on paths thru the arctic nature.

Fall and autumn foliage ’’Ruska’’

Feel something spectulacre - autumn foliage from AuroraHut® is something special. Bright autumn colours, wild berries and mushrooms, straight out of pure arctic nature.
For angler’s pleasure, fishes are filling their stomachs before winter. This means that in kitchen you can create something that you cannot get anywhere else.
For luckiest of you, there is possibility to experience lakes icing over right underneath you, pure magic.

AuroraHut® – spot on nature accommodation, new green trend for tourism industry

AuroraHut® is registered as a houseboat, Pat. Pend. Which creates limitless opportunities for eco-friendly tourism, on over hundred thousand lakes just in Scandinavia alone. In summer, AuroraHut® floats on location without manmade infrastructure, with minimum effect for surrounding nature. Moving and living in boat on water is part of everyman’s rights in Scandinavia, in summer AuroraHut® is scenic igloo boat, and in winter you can locate AuroraHut® on top of ice. If you wish to locate AuroraHut® temporary on land you need land owner’s permission. On spot nature accommodation, is environment friendly possibility to create totally new business concepts, and AuroraHut® is making it happen.

  • 12-gon half glass hemisphere igloo boat™
  • Spot on ecological 2-person premium-accommodation.
  • Scenic view, double bed, kitchenet and toilet. Everything this in pure arctic nature.
  • Electricity, solar power in summer and bio fuel cell during the winter, heating by bio fuel.
  • No need for building permits, no harmful effect for environment and no emissions.
Aurorahut ja poro-ajelu Saana-tunturilla Kilpisjärvellä

AuroraHut® – year around income for accommodation, lives with a season

AuroraHut® -concept opens up possibility locate your accommodation next to the prefer nature experience, and gives you possibility to create premium experience even in harsh wilderness. AuroraHut® -concept offers year around income, because accommodation is possible to relocate with low costs in best possible area for the ongoing season.

AuroraHut® -concept creates easy and fast possibility of relocate and create new accommodation concept for your daily demands. You can locate AuroraHut® individually or create a group accommodation unit for a bigger party or family. When the season changes AuroraHut® is ready to move for next location, just like a reindeers in wild, AuroraHut® lives with a season.

  • Additional for stationary accommodation, you can harvest full potential of your environment.
  • Lives with a season, where the tourists would like to be, AuroraHut® is waiting.
  • Possibility to exploit unique outdoor elements on your business, which would be other ways impossible.
  • Creates new possibilities to offer accommodation + activities package services on demand in prefer environment.
  • Wide variations of accessories for summer and winter use. Floating deck, electric engine, fireplaces, service huts, etc.

AuroHut® accommodation

Premium-suite for two in the pure nature.

Nature around you

Experience the nature that have been on reach only for few extreme outdoor enthusiasts.

Pure food from nature

Guided cooking from nature’s own treats by camp fire, is unforgettable experience.


Have your own time in warmth of AuroraHut® enjoying of exclusive view and good food. Dip in refreshing clear lake and forget a world around you. This is the secret of Finnish happiness.


Summer you can take a boat or kayak for on a lake, or hike up to the mountain. In winter you can strap on skies or snow shoes, and find the wonders of arctic world.


Biking is great way to get around even in late winter, when snow is hard enough. You should also try husky or reindeer safari.


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