AuroraHut® for the entrepreneur

New year-round source of income for tourism entrepreneurs

The key of the AuroraHut® concept is its movability. The accommodation can be placed near nature attractions and it brings the feel of luxury even among the arctic wilderness. The idea behind the AuroraHut® Igloo Boat was inspired by peat combs that have been in use for centuries. Combs were easy to build, so they were built where needed. AuroraHut® concept offers tourism entrepreneurs a year-round source of income. With the AuroraHut® concept, it’s easy to create a suitable accommodation package for every need.

AuroraHut® igloo boats can be placed on their own or in groups. For example, you can place two igloo boats side by side, so families with children have enough space for adults and children. AuroraHut® can be moved in sync with the season wherever the accommodation is needed at that moment.

  • As a movable boat, accommodation can be offered in new areas, also on the water
  • AuroraHut® Igloo Boat moves with the season to different tourist attractions, truly a year-round accommodation
  • New possibility to utilize uniqueness of interesting nature sites and adjust prizing according to uniqueness
  • It’s easy and profitable to offer nature and other tourism activities in addition to accommodation
  • Wide range of AuroraHut® accessories includes, for example, a floating terrace dock and a boat motor for summertime. At winter you can use an outdoor fireplace or an ice swimming tub

AuroraHut® is looking for partners

We are looking for tourism entrepreneurs who want to utilize the rising trend of nature tourism and their region’s nature experiences in a nature-friendly and profitable way. AuroraHut® accommodation is excellent match for example for reindeer farmer, who doesn’t have earlier experience in tourism business. It gives an excellent opportunity to accommodate customers for Husky farms. AuroraHut® is great way to add high occupancy rates and accommodation capacity.

We are now gathering interested parties with whom we will build a comprehensive AuroraHut® accommodation network around Lapland, also to Sweden and Norway. Be among the first to be included.

AuroraHut® pricing

The AuroraHut® Igloo Boat’s price, excluding VAT, is starting from € 49,500.00 with standard equipment. To start your AuroraHut® accommodation business, we offer low-cost leasing financing (available only in Scandinavia). With 60 months contract, your monthly payment is only starting from € 995.00, excluding VAT. We also offer installment financing. Installment and payment schedule are always individually and separately agreed with every customer.

The accessories list includes, among others, a fuel cell, accommodation equipment, kitchen equipment, terrace docks and electric motors for summer and ice swimming tubs for the winter as well as campfire equipment for outdoor cooking. Cartridge tanks for fuel and fluid refills and suction draining pipes are available for easy maintenance. Contact our sales personnel for more detailed list of accessories.

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