AuroraHut®­ Sledge tub

The hottest new product of the season – the AuroraHut® Sledge tub!

The season’s hottest new product, AuroraHut® Sledge tub, is an amazing experience and you can have authentic nature experience literally in the middle of the beautiful nature – without burdening the environment! This new travel innovation is equipped with a heater that uses renewable fuel, which allows you to enjoy the warmth of the water even in very cold conditions. The AuroraHut® Sledge tub is equipped with skis, which enables this unique experience to be moved with a snowmobile, and thus you can enjoy the warmth of the hot tub from basically anywhere – in nature’s best places without burdening the nature.

Technical information

Width: 1525mm
Height: 1300mm
Length: 2650mm
Weight: ~300Kg

Water intake: ~700L
Diesel tank: 64 – 140L

Heating effect: 10Kw
Fuel consumption: 1,2L/h max
Electricity: 86w
Heating time: 2-3 hours

– Includes a high quality charging system
– Possible to use and monitor remotely
– Digital control with touch screen
– Fiberglass tub with urethane insulation
– Polypropylene lid
– LED lighting
– Sliding skis underneath for towing

Price starting from 9900€ (Exluding VAT)

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