Camilla Wallin – Sthlm Escape, Stockholm, Sweden

Our igloo boat is located in Tyresö, only about 20 minutes from the city center of Stockholm by bus or car. We started out the AuroraHut partnership as a private person, not as a corporation. We offer our unique glamping experience on our private lake property in a residential area in Tyresö. Here we have one AuroraHut igloo boat overlooking the beautiful Drevviken Lake, close to Tyresta National Park.

How long have you been AuroraHut partner?

We started our AuroraHut partnership upon purchasing our igloo boat in May this spring. We were drawn to get our own igloo boat since it is nothing like an ordinary guesthouse, it’s something totally unique. In addition, the igloo boat is environmentally friendly. The ecological aspect was one of the important key things when actually started to think about investing in one and we would have not invested in one if it was not good for the nature. It made sense to us to invest in a product that also stands by our values.

What has been the best thing about AuroraHut?

Overall, AuroraHut as a company has been very supportive and we really appreciate that. There is always someone at the end of the line if we need something and our sales contact checks up on us from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly. Everyone at the company is really friendly and support is fast when it is needed. The concept is well thought out and a lot of functions have been able to into a small space. Additionally, we really think is special how it can be operated even on the water. When we got the igloo boat, it was ready to rent out directly as it was. Everything we needed was there from the beginning from cleaning products to bedsheets. Of course we can add our own touch to it with blankets and such but all the necessary things were there, ready for use. It’s also easy to include things like boats and fireplaces to add on to the experience.

What kind of feedback have you received from the customers?

Experience as a whole has been amazing. We have received only positive feedback and five star reviews from our customers. People are very surprised that we are only 20 minutes away from Stockholm. When they come here they are in the middle of nature. Our customers seem to have liked the experience as a whole with added benefits like the ability to be on the water, use our boat, kayaks, go fishing, sit at the fireplace and looking out at the sun set. It’s the whole concept of renting the igloo that they seem to really appreciate. When the guests come here, they mainly come for the igloo since it is not camping site or a hotel resort anything like that. Their expectations are very high from the beginning and they really come here to get to try the concept. They have really loved every detail in it. You usually expect these kind of igloo boats to be in like Lapland or Norway so it’s very unique to have it here in the Southern Sweden. We have similar prerequisites here since we get the northern light as well. When you are in the igloo you really see the amazing bird life, the sunset and the northern lights if you are lucky. We actually had someone visiting from the Netherlands who enjoyed the experience so much that he got a tattoo of our AuroraHut on his leg during his visit. Definitely a strong message that their stay was memorable and he was really happy about his visit. All in all, the customers seem to like the igloo boat a lot which makes us very happy. They also share a lot of their pictures with us and overall seem to be very pleased. We have also been working a lot towards keeping our social media pages, Instagram and TikTok, active and we have got a lot of bookings because of that. We only use our own social media for awareness and do not have a website for bookings. Therefore, it is possible and easy to run this business with only social media accounts and Airbnb. In addition, we have had some famous influencers visit us and they have promoted our destination in their social media and vlogs.

Why would you recommend AuroraHut?

I would highly recommend AuroraHut to others, not only the product but also the service. I can call them every time I need something and they are always friendly and respond quickly. AuroraHut is very client oriented and that is of course very appreciated as an entrepreneur. Nothing is complicated when it has to do with your company and no matter who you are talking to you get their full attention. Personally, I really appreciate that.

What would you hope to get in the future from the collaboration with AuroraHut and what kind of new products or innovations would you like to have to support your business?

I would like for you to continue being as supportive and quick to respond as you have so far. When we would need support, I am able to rely on you. For product development, it would be great to get more add-ons besides the igloo boat, such as a fireplace, chairs and table and so on. I would have bought these additional things from you if they were available instead of going to other businesses. In addition, we would like to see more solutions when it comes to cooling in the warmer summer months as well as perhaps a stronger motor to be able to take the igloo boat on stronger currents of water.