AuroraHut®­ the pioneer of nature tourism

The pioneer of nature tourism

AuroraHut® opens up billions of square meters of gorgeous water areas for entrepreneurs’ benefit and tourists’ pleasure. Aurorahut® floats at its destination independently without affecting the environment. The ability to freely navigate and stay overnight in a boat on the water is a little used, legally authorised “everyman’s right” in the Nordic countries. AuroraHut® makes this possible without harming the nature.

In the summer, the AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ is a cool, comfortable accommodation on the water, where you are protected from mosquitos. In winter it can be placed on ice. The temporary placement of an Aurorahut® on land usually requires only the permission of the landowner. Eco-friendly accommodation near natural attractions – destination accommodation – is the new growing trend in tourism. AuroraHut® makes that experience luxurious and unique. AuroraHut® is Pat. Pend. design protected.

  • 12-angled four seasons Igloo Boat™ with glass walls and glass roof
  • Ecological 2-persons premium accommodation, ability to move next to nature experiences
  • Scenery cottage, double bed, kitchen, food cellar, composting toilet, ice fishing hole on floor
  • Operating electricity by solar and biofuel cells, heating by renewable fuel
  • No need for building permit (boat, movable, less than 10 m2) no changes in nature caused by building, no emissions

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Easy maintenance in two-week maintenance periods

AuroraHut® is designed to be maintenance friendly. The usual maintenance cycle is 2 weeks, during which the fuel is sufficient even in the most freezing temperatures. The maintenance only includes, in addition to refueling and water tank refilling, emptying the septic tank, as well as collecting and changing of the toilet bags and kitchen trash bags.

The AuroraHut® entrepreneur can remotely monitor the status of the tanks and the internal temperature with their mobile phone to make sure that the customers have ideal conditions.

AuroraHut® – Built to last, utilising the best brands

AuroraHut® has been built after relentlessly searching for, and making use of, the best product know-how in the market. When selecting products, we have first sought out to domestic manufacturers which were then successfully included on the final product.

In our decisions, we emphasised qualitative suitability for boat building and reliable, long life cycle performance under harsh conditions, as well as environmental values both in product manufacturing and materials.

AuroraHut® products are manufactured under strict quality control at our own factory in Finland. We provide two-year warranty on the framework of the AuroraHut® Igloo Boat™ and a one-year warranty on its equipment.

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