Thomas Seppola – North Experience, Skibotn, Norway

How long have you been AuroraHut partner?

I have been AuroraHut partner for one and a half years now. Currently we have five AuroraHut igloo boats at our basecamp. In addition, we have 2 saunas, a small relaxing spa area, 10 big tents, fireplace area and a small restaurant. We also start our snowmobile safaris from the yard and drive off to the surrounding high mountains. Overall, we are a small family company including my son, my wife Maria and me Thomas. We have seven men employed to take care of our customers and promote our accommodation here in Northern Norway. For additional activities, we offer snowmobiling and northern light searching.

What has been the best thing about AuroraHut?

AuroraHut igloo boats have been working very well. The systems and the quality of the products are very good. Since it has a good heating system, it is a warm and enjoyable place also in the winter season. In addition, it is easy to keep clean. Just overall very good quality. I find it very positive and important customer service that you are only a phone or WhatsApp video call away when a problem occurs. Since we as a company are heading towards more sustainable methods and green tourism, our AuroraHut is a very good product to promote and have since it is sustainable. It is an ecological product, which helps us to be able to be part of sustainable tourism. We also provide electric snowmobiles for our customers to use and enjoy. We try to be early adopters in the market and stay on top of sustainable tourism trends. We try to be trendsetters as well as developers in the field.

What kind of feedback have you received from the customers?

Everyone who comes to visit in our AuroraHut is very surprised since the accommodation experience is like a floating hotel room. We are very happy to have received such good feedback on the product. It works in every environment that we need it for, in the summer on the lake and in the winter on our basecamp. We can use the product in different seasons and locations, which is a very important aspect to us. We can have them on the lake, in the mountains and even do ice fishing from the hut. Furthermore, customers have been very curious about ice fishing and generally, more Scandinavian customers are interested in trying it. International clients are very surprised that it even is a thing we do here in the Nordics. We also offer additional activities and experiences when a customer wants to make their stay extra special.

Why would you recommend AuroraHut?

We would recommend AuroraHut as a company as well as the igloo boat. For us as an AuroraHut partner, it is very important to have like a call center that we can contact if we have any problems. We can call no matter the day or time which is very important to us since we have five AuroraHuts that we use for business. After we bought the igloo boats, we are not left to ourselves. That is probably our main thing to recommend as a user but also to make sure that the product is and stays operational. They have clearly done good research to get the base and structure for the AuroraHut and build a product that is convenient as well as eco-friendly. It is a sustainable accommodation that you can move to different locations. Ba- sed on our company’s experience, we are happy to recommend this to other as well.

What would you hope to get in the future from the collaboration with Aurora- Hut and what kind of new products or innovations would you like to have to support your business?

I look forward to the new AuroraHut products that we could possibly include into our existing igloo boats. I wish to keep close contact between you and us and that we are informed about new trends coming and new products that have been developed.