Yukiko Fredriksson & Klaudia Kovacs – Kiruna Guidetur & Aurora Camp, Kiruna, Sweden

How long have you been AuroraHut partner?

We bought our first two AuroraHut igloo boats in December 2019 and we got them delivered in January 2020. So, it is going to be two years soon. This is going to be the third winter season, Klaudia adds. In the beginning, we were planning on buying five igloo boats in total and we are still planning to eventually get to that number, Yukiko replies.

What has been the best thing about AuroraHut?

We have received so much support from AuroraHut. Every time if there is a problem we can just call and we get an answer quite quickly. We are actually trying to learn Finnish because sometimes we are not able to speak to an English-speaking colleague from AuroraHut, Klaudia tells. When they are needed, we can reach them directly. We really like that. In general, we think that the AuroraHut YouTube instruction and maintenance videos are very helpful, Yukiko adds. I’m not usually as involved with the Aurora Camp, where the AuroraHut igloo boats are located, as Klaudia is. Sometimes during low season, I go there to help, and I’m also expected to do maintenance. Then I usually go and check on those videos. Those are really easy to understand since they have pictures and the video. Also, not only for us but also our customers, the product itself has been really great. Especially this winter season the business has been going really well. The inclusion of the igloo boats makes the company bigger and allows us to expand in a good way. Now that environmental issues are talked a lot in the media, it helps to be able to promote products and accommodation that are ecological. We can really say that we are trying to work on that aspect of our busines since AuroraHut is an ecological product, Yukiko and Klaudia state together.

What kind of feedback have you received from the customers?

We have received almost only positive feedback and sometimes not only positive, but the customers are really amazed by such a unique product. People like trying out new and unique things, even with the luxury price. The AuroraHut experience is absolutely worth it because it is such a once in a lifetime thing both in summer and in winter. We have started to tell all of our guests who come in winter to come back in summer since then the scenery is like a completely different picture. We actually have some guests that came both in winter and in summer. So, almost only positive feedback but there are some small details, some technical things, that the guest have mentioned.

Why would you recommend AuroraHut?

All in all, we have been very happy to work with AuroraHut from the beginning, state both Klaudia and Yukiko. AuroraHut has helped us a lot and we are able to call you anytime. The product itself has very strong characteristics that attract customers. People come from hundreds of kilometers away just to see and experience AuroraHut.

What would you hope to get in the future from the collaboration with AuroraHut and what kind of new products or innovations would you like to have to support your business?

We love innovations, and we are looking forward to all of them. Last time we were talking about a floating sauna which sounds very interesting. I think that innovating a business is very important since many tourists come here and many of them return. We want to have a new product or feature which allows us to offer something new to the returning customers, Yukiko says. Something interesting and creative, we would really love to see that. We give you feedback, and you come and make it true, Klaudia adds. It’s working really well. Of course, we would like to extend so we are really planning to buy more igloo boats which then gives a job to a one or two more persons. This is something that’s good for us, the company and the customers. It can be almost like a separate part of the company, one part of the Aurora Camp. We have our cabins, and we can extend the AuroraHut igloo boats to be as large of an area as the cabins.