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This AuroraHut Igloo Boat is located right in the heart of Turku, in the Turku guest harbour. Downriver you will find the Castle of Turku and upriver you'll see the Turku Cathedral. These two attractions are located at a walking distance from the property. You will also find many other attractions and the Turku city just around you.

The Aura River divides Turku into two sides: “täl puol jokke” (“on this side of the river”) and “tois puol jokke” (“on the other side of the river”). Hop on to the Föri, the city ferry, and experience both sides. You will find us "tois puol jokke", on the other side of the river.

Activities around the year: 

  • All services and restaurants in the center of Turku are within walking distance.


Link to the booking system: www.archipelagolive.fi



Läntinen Rantakatu 57

20100 Turku, Finland







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