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We are versatile travel service provider in the middle of the Nature park of Koli and on the Finland's fourth largest lake, Pielinen. Koli Harbour restaurant has two rentable AuroraHut igloo boats. You can lodge at pier or at differents spots around Pielinen connected to buoy. We offer experience packages, which includes all of our services: equipment rental, program services, restaurant services and sleeping on magnificent Pielinen, around the year.

Our business family includes following companies: Koli Active program services and equipment rental, restaurants Kolin Ryynänen and Koli Harbour restaurant . We also have Kolin Panimo which produces high quality beers and ciders.


Activities in summer:

  • Equipment rental
    • Sup-boards
    • Canoes
    • Kayaks
    • Mountain bikes
    • Fatbikes
    • Jet ski
  • Guided cave adventures
  • Guided canoe trips
  • Guided hikes
  • Catering services at the area of  Koli Nature park


Activities in winter:

  • Equipment rental
    • Snowshoes
    • Snowski sets
    • Cross-country skis and poles
    • Touring ice skates
    • Sledges
    • Winter clothes and snow boots
  • Guided snowshoe hikes
  • Guided snowski trips
  • Guided hikes at the area of Koli National park


Link to the booking system: booking.com,  Koli active



Kolin Satamaravintola 

Rantatie 12

83960 Koli, Finland







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