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SnowLounge is about 400m2 real snowcastle decorated by snow and ice sculptures. In SnowLounge is plenty of rooms: icebar, restaurant, snowhotel, icegallery and wedding chapel. Inside the snowcastle is permanent about -4c. Important to wear warm clothes on!

Arctic Igloo Snow&Ice 
Sleep on cozy beds covered with reindeerfur and high quality sleeping bags. Inside the Arctic Igloo Snow&Ice the temperature is around -4 decree and you are protected from cold wind and any other sounds from outside. Sleep surrounded from the arctic fresh and clean air. You will be surprised how warm you have inside our sleeping bag in our Arctic Igloo. Each Igloo has a individual design from snow and ice.

Arctic Igloo Aurora (AuroraHut)
Our new glass igloos from Aurora Hut are actually boats! You can stay around the year in our Arctic Igloo Aurora . At the floating water time we extend the Igloo with a big terrace and electric motor. So you can move freely on the lake!
At winter we place the igloo on top of the ice. Now when its dark you have a good possibility to see the Northern Lights and the Arctic starry sky. Northern Lights are also called Aurora Borealis and with good luck you can see them already from late August until May.
Each Arctic Igloo Aurora has double bed, bluetooth sound system, kitchenette, toilet, water, electricity and heating, floating terrace at summer. Our Arctic Igloos Aurora are ready for green-tourism for example we use solar power in summer and bio fuel cell during the winter, heating by bio fuel


Activities in summer:

  • Aurorahut is in one of the bigger Lakes in south Finland, Terrace is full equipted with Gasgrill, furutiers, and second strong gasengine to make sure the aurorahut can be driven also with stronger wind.


Arctivities in winter:

  • Icebar
  • Icerestaurant with 3 course dinner (not 2020-2021, because of Corona)
  • Guided tour inside the Snowlounge
  • Possibility to rent the SnowLounge for private events etc.
  • Wedding chapel


Link to the booking system: Snowlounge




SnowLounge Oy 

Revontulentie 7

98900 Salla, Finland




+358 40 936 2781





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